We’re all content creators now, so how do you think someone stands out amongst the noise?

“What should up-and-coming acts with no budget be focused on when it comes to creating engaging content?

When should an artist look to get a publicist?

This week on the unsigned podcast I sat down with Jayson Rodriguez. I’ve been a fan of Jayson’s writing for a long time and it was awesome to finally get a chance to chop it up! For those that don’t know, Jayson has been a music journalist, executive, and content creator for over 15 years now. Along the way, he’s worked at places like Vibe, MTV, XXL, Revolt, and VEVO. Recently, he started his new newsletter, Backseat Freestyle. In this episode, we talk about how artists can be creating content while also building a story, the history, and future of music journalism when to get a publicist, and much more. Hit the links below and enjoy!

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