“What is PlaylistSupply and how does it help artists?”

“How important is branding and when do you think an artist should focus on it?

This week’s guest on the unsigned podcast is Benji Stein. After starting as a musician himself, Benji realized that his passion was more on the manager side of things, so he decided to switch several years back. That lead him on a path to find the best ways to help him and his artists systemize the things they could, one area being playlist pitching outreach. So in the early days of the pandemic, Benji decided to start a software company called PlaylistSupply. The software is essentially a search tool that allows users to find third-party playlists on Spotify while also providing their contact info!

In part 1 of our convo, we talk about Benji’s early days, his tips for artists on the rise as well as what PlaylistSupply is. Part 2 is coming next week. Enjoy!

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