“I’m starting to gain some traction with my free event, how do I monetize?”

“How do I impact culture and create a moment?”

“What’s Jay Z like in real life?”

Manufacturing a moment is something all artists and brands try and accomplish when they’re trying to launch something new. The problem is, most of the time it doesn’t work because they don’t fully understand their culture and their place within culture. Also, they try too hard. But when you do things because they’re natural and true to yourself, that’s when the magic can happen.

In episode 12 of the “unsigned podcast,” we sat down with the founder of Dusse Palooza, Kam McCullough. Kam tells us about how he got his start in the entertainment business and what he’s learned turning his simple house party into a series of national events which ultimately lead to partnering with Jay Z’s company, Dusse. Oh yea, Kam also shares some personal Jay Z stories.


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