“How do I find the right audience to listen to my music?”

“Someone told me the only way to start getting a buzz is to buy fake followers, is that true?”

“Man, there are too many social media sites to keep up with, how do I choose which ones are most important?”

Everyone is trying to get popping online these days but few actually understand how to make the internet work for them.

In episode 8 of the “unsigned podcast,” we talk with the Director of Digital Marketing at Columbia Records, John Vincent Salcedo.

Back in April, we were able to sit down with John to talk about where to find your audience and how best to engage with them. We also chatted about John’s journey to the US and how in the beginning, he himself wanted to be an artist. John’s story is a great one on how to find your way through the music industry by working through different disciplines until one starts to pay off. Enjoy!

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