“My music is HOT! Why don’t brands want to work with me?”

“Where can I find people who work for brands?”

“What does being authentic mean?”

Are you trying to work with brands but not having any luck? Well then listen up!

In episode 7 of the “unsigned podcast,” we talk with the Associate Director of Brand Partnerships at Complex, Joe Cappuccilli.

In our chat with Joe, breaks down how any artist should be working with a brand to have a meaningful impact. Additionally, he talks about his early struggles trying to make it to NYC to work in music and how he overcame those obstacles by eventually landing a gig at Cornerstone (TheFader). Since then, Joe has gone on to work at Complex Media as part of the brand partnerships team. Joe helps handle finding the right talent, both big and small, for the right brand campaign. Joe has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like Pepsi, Puma, and Powerade.

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