“I want to throw an event for my new music, how do I make it memorable for my audience?”

“What is the one thing I’m forgetting to do when it comes to creating content?”

“How can podcasts benefit me as a musician?”

Creating content is one of the biggest things artists need to do when it comes to their careers, especially during the period in between new releases, but like anything else, it’s hard to know what you should spend your time and what you should ignore. This is increasing harder if you’ve never had a digital strategy before. Also, how can you take something from being online to being in the real world?

In episode 11 of the “unsigned podcast”, Jessica Angeles from Anchor, the podcast company that was acquired by Spotify this past year, stopped by to chat about her previous time at Tumblr, event production, creating digital strategies, and the potential future of how podcasting and music can better work together.


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